We have just added a new product to our store, you can now learn how to play poker with our great set of Instructional Poker Videos We offer these Ultimate Poker Videos and the Ultimate Poker Kit so that you can Learn How to Play Poker and Win. We still carry our large selection of great poker chips and poker chip sets for sale. Take a look at our tri-colored limited edition poker chips or check out our new 14 gram poker chips the heaviest chips on the market. Using quality chips especially our composite and clay poker chips in your weekly game automatically raises it to a higher level and makes it more exciting and enjoyable for everyone. The weight and texture of all our clay poker chips and composite chips found in our poker chip sets are much more satisfying than those of flimsy, interlocking plastic chips. Our poker chip sets are some of the best clay poker chip sets you will find. Whether you are looking for clay poker chips with classic designs such as dice, suits, or diamonds, our selection of casino poker chips or you prefer our flamboyant clay limited edition poker chips with eye-catching decals of images inspired by Vegas (including showgirls and the Strip), you can be sure to find the type of poker chips you are looking for at a great price on our site.

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If you already have some poker chips and are just looking to purchase a few more stacks of chips to accommodate a growing poker game, you can purchase our chips in stacks of 50. If you already own a number of chips you should take a look at our selection of poker chip cases. Alternatively, if you do not own any chips, your best bet is to go with our poker chip sets that include up to 500 chips, which should be more than enough for most weekly poker games. With our low prices on poker chips for sale, be sure that you purchase enough poker chips for the maximum number of players that you expect to show up for your poker game on a regular basis. A general rule of thumb is that 500 poker chips can accommodate four to six poker players, and you should increase the number of chips proportionally for each added poker player.

A Large Selection of Poker Chips for Sale

Not only do we at PokerChipStation offer outstanding prices on all of our poker chips for sale, but we also stock the best and latest selection of poker chips styles from which to choose. Our selection of high quality limited edition poker chips are some of the nicest looking and feeling chips you will find anywhere. Your home games will really be more enjoyable with quality chips. One of the problems with cheap poker chips is that they are too light and insubstantial, which prevents you from handling them as though you were in a casino. We carry clay poker chips that range in weight from our basic 9 gram chips to our heavy 14 gram poker chips, the heaviest clay poker chips available on the market. So take a look at our great selection of clay poker chips and the rest of our poker chips selection.

Poker Chip Sets

If you play nickel and dime poker games with your friends from work every couple of weeks, maybe you haven’t encountered a real need for professional chips. When playing for small amounts, it is easy to bet with actually money. If, however, you are playing for higher stakes or not playing for money at all, poker chips are a necessity. In addition, whatever the stakes, if you are trying to foster an authentic casino poker chips feel to the game, good composite or clay poker chips are absolutely necessary. The type of poker chips you use may make the difference between a great night of poker and a casual game that gets abandoned in favor of watching TV or having some beers. PokerChipStation always has the newest designs of poker chips, and we are pleased to announce that among them we offer clay poker chips with no metal insert truly the top of the line!

The quantity of poker chips you have is one of the most important elements poker games. The general consensus is that you need between 75 and 100 poker chips for each player. A lot of the poker chip sets available on Poker Chip Station come with 500 poker chips–perfect for a game with four or five players. While the cost of buying extra poker chips may be daunting, you will need them if you want to hold games of six or more players, which is all the more reason to buy your poker chip sets at our great low prices and save!

Sets of Poker Chips

Most Texas Hold’em poker games at casinos and in tournaments seat nine players. We sell poker tables designed to seat eight, nine, or 10 poker players. If you are going to use any of these poker tables, it is recommended that you buy two of poker chip sets. You do have options, however. We sell 300, 400, and 500 poker chip sets–and you can certainly get a 300 and 500 poker chip sets in the same style. We have some excellant limited edition poker chips sets to choose from. You can also buy 50 poker chips in any style, but you would then have to figure out some other way to carry them, as the 50 piece poker chips options do not come with a poker case.

Low quality chips are usually made with cheap stickers that will wear off with handling. At PokerChipStation, we do offer chips with their designs applied as stickers, but we only stock chips with high quality stickers that will not wear off. They are a great deal at our wholesale prices, and many of them have much more dynamic graphics than the most basic poker chips. We also feature clay poker chips with designs that are imprinted directly into the clay poker chips, so you don’t have to worry about the image wearing or peeling off. Many people feel that these clay poker chips are the most like casino poker chips. The silkscreen image will last a lifetime, as well as being more resistant to scratches than any of the other types of chips.

You can use poker chips for a great variety of poker games. Of course there are the many poker games like Stud, Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, and the different versions of each–but there are a myriad of other card and casino games you can enjoy with your poker chips, as well. If you love poker and your friends or kids are just starting to get into it, it’s great to have poker chips around so that you can play no-money games to teach them. You’ll find that poker chips are a great investment that will really pay off–sooner, rather than later, if you play and win!

Poker Chip Cases

Do you already have enough chips but need a case to store them in? We have a great selection of poker chip cases so that you will be sure to find the poker chip case you need. Our Aluminum chip cases and Cherry Wood chip cases come in that will hold 300, 400, or 500 poker chips.

Learn How to Play Poker and Win.

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Razz is a horse of a different color when it comes to playing online poker for real money and playing poker variations. In this card game, the object is to make the lowest hand possible. i.e., the crappiest hand will win! Here, the Ace card will count as number one. You can play Razz on sites like PartyPoker right now. Crazy Pineapple is another variation of Texas Holdem with a twist. Here, players are dealt three initial starting cards. After betting is done, the flop is turned over. Another round of betting starts. Now, here, is the interesting part with the twist. Before the fourth card is played, a player must get rid of one of the cards in his hand. This puts you in a bad spot, as you may have to break up a winning hand. Either of these games can be a nice change of pace to your typical Thursday night poker games.

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Poker Tables and Accessories

We not only have a great selection of clay poker chips and poker chip cases we also offer a nice selection of poker tables and poker accessories. From a complete poker table to fold up poker table tops with a carrying case. Poker cards, a four deck shuffler, a dealer button and a poker chips rack. All the accessories you need to make your poker games the best in town so make sure you take a look at our great selection of poker tables and poker accessories, clay poker chips and poker chip sets.